• Our services

    Our services have been developed with the needs of women and children in mind.

    ‘I wish I had been aware of the service when my children were growing up and I was deeply addicted to alcohol’

  • Our staff

    Our staff have a great deal of experience of working with women and with families

    ‘Everyone is warm and welcoming’

  • You

    We listen to what you need and support you to make changes in your life

    ‘If it wasn’t for the staff and the oasis project I would not have had the courage to return to college and start my life again so thank you’

  • About Oasis

    Brighton Oasis Project is a substance misuse service for women and their children in the heart of Brighton. We know there are many reasons that women do not come forward and ask for help at an early stage or when they first get into difficulty with drugs, alcohol or both.

    ‘Oasis is a fantastic support for women in the town and it is very sad that many women only find out about the services through social services at a late time in their use’

    – Ex service user

  • The reason we exist is simple

    We know that women can find it difficult to have their needs met in services that do not take into account their role as women and Mothers. Often they do not provide any creche facilities and their role as carers of children is overlooked when thinking about treatment options. We believe that most women will have a better chance in recovery by coming to Oasis but don’t just take our word for it. Contact us today and find out how we can support you.

  • We value you

    Evidence tells us that by being well organised and focused on client’s needs there is a higher chance of them being successful in achieving their ambitions. We listen to the women attending our project and value their opinions and feedback.

  • Working with..




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