Oasis Recovery News and Views (ORNV) Newsletter Launch!

Oasis Project Launches Peer Support Magazine

ORNV (Oasis Recovery News and Views) is a new online peer support magazine developed and produced by women accessing Oasis Project. The magazine will run ever 3-monthly and focus on a different theme with each edition. The aim of ORNV is to provide advice, encouragement and a voice for women in recovery. We are so pleased to launch the online magazine on International Women’s Day 2022, recognising the efforts of those involved and celebrating women supporting women.

The ORNV told us about how the idea formed and what they want to say to those who may read the magazine.

I first came to Oasis around 15 years ago, back then we had a little newsletter that was printed on a photocopier and folded in half! Not quite like this one, but we loved it, because it was ours.  I was chatting away with my key worker and just happened to mention this. I have to say if it hadn’t been for her enthusiastic response and the invaluable contribution and support from my peers and Oasis we wouldn’t have got this far. That’s what this is all about , all of us working together. I think as service users we should have a voice ,this is a means of that happening . Especially as there are still restrictions for some in terms of Covid , but also in terms of life . This can be a great way of relating ,empathising and knowing you’re not alone. I would like to hear from all Service users , we all have something to say. We’ve all been in very similar situations , and we all have something to teach each other.

In short, this is our magazine, for us , by us .Something we can all be proud of.” Service user and ORNV team member

“It would have been helpful for me to read something like this from another young woman. I found that other people in recovery were always older than me, and services were designed around their needs.” Service user and ORNV team member (age 21)

“If you asked me a few years ago, when I was in early stages of my recovery, I wouldn’t have read anything like this as I didn’t want to know, so even if you don’t read it now, I want you to know that it’s here for you when are you ready” Service user and ORNV team member

Oasis Project knows the magazine will bring hope and support to many women affected by drug and alcohol dependency. The ORNV team also encourage professionals and loved ones of those in recovery to read the magazine to support their understanding of addiction and empower them in their roles as supporters.

ORNV First Edition which focuses on ‘Change’ can be accessed here!

More information on Oasis Project services can be found Oasis Project – We give hope to people affected by drugs & alcohol.

Oasis Project has also recently launched Hope Service for women aged 18-25 years old, more information can be found 18 – 25 Year Olds – Oasis Project

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