Kinship Carers

Our Kinship Carer group supports carers whose families have been impacted by alcohol misuse.

Kinship care


Kinship care


Kinship care is when a child or young person lives with a family member or friend, usually because a birth parent is not able to look after them.

We know that when alcohol or drug problems affect parents, often the burden of care falls onto grandparents, aunts or uncles either for a short period of time or permantly.

We know that kinship carers may need extra support when drug and alcohol problems have affected family life and that often the disruption it causes families can be highly complex and distressing.  The impact on children of the loss of daily contact with a parent, the ongoing stress of monitoring an adult child or siblings substances misuse in order to facilitate contact with child, the potential to feel guilt and responsibility for a problem that cannot be easily addressed, all contribute to a high levels of stress.

We can offer individual meetings with kinship  before and during and sometimes after therapy, and parent/carer support during therapy, to work together with kinship carers to support them with the challenge of becoming a main carer to a child and to help build the bonds of attachment after therapy to enable a child to thrive.


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