Unfortunately our FLASH  HIV self-test  project has now come to an end.  The same kits are available to buy from:  https://hivselftest.co.uk/

Other ways you can get an HIV Test:  This NHS HIV testing search gives details of free HIV testing services either online or via Sexual Health Clinics in your local area.

Sexual Health Clinics are free.  They can be used by anyone,  regardless of immigration status or what area you live in.   You will not be asked to provide a passport or other proof of ID.  Your information will be kept safe and not be shared with other services (e.g. Hospital / GP) without your consent.

If you are worried about HIV : You can also call THT Direct on 0808 802 1221

Have you had a broken condom or had sex without a condom in the last 2-3 days?   We recommend that  you talk to a health adviser at your local sexual health clinic who will assess your risk and may prescribe PEP (Post Exposure Prophylactic).  PEP is a course of tablets that can be started within 72 hours of any possible contact with HIV to reduce chances of infection.  Clinics can also offer emergency contraception.  There is more information and an online risk assessment for PEP here:

If you are worried about HIV because you have been raped, please don’t feel you have to cope with this alone:  youcan get support from your local sex worker project or contact:

If you are a sex worker in Brighton and Hove or East Sussex and would like support or advice on any issue, including advice about HIV, sexual health,  contraception or Hepatitis B vaccinations, please contact us at SWOP (Sex Workers’ Outreach Project).   We are a trans-inclusive service for women who live or work in Brighton &  Hove or East Sussex.