Oasis Project’s Adder Services

Project Adder is a government funded initiative to reduce drug-related deaths through increased intervention for those with crack/opiate issues. Hastings is one of the funded areas under Project Adder.

What is Project Adder?

Project ADDER is a joint Home Office and Department for Health and Social Care pathfinder programme delivering change in some of the worst affected areas, including Hastings. The project is supported by a robust monitoring and evaluation framework, building the evidence base to inform the longer-term strategic approach. Under Project Adder in Hastings, Oasis has been commissioned to deliver two new services; EMPOWER and the Adder Sex Worker Service (or SWOP Adder).


EMPOWER is a specialist service working with women in Hastings who use Opiate and/or Crack Cocaine. EMPOWER works with women in the community, and women in Bronzefield prison up to 3-months prior to release and ‘through-the-gate’. We will offer a range of innovative, asset-based, women-only group and 1-1 interventions which address the needs of women in the Project ADDER Cohort.

• Assessment and support to at least 20 women from the Project ADDER Cohort
• 16-week facilitated, creative psychosocial group interventions delivered on an 8-week rolling basis in Hastings. Virtual groups will be utilised in conjunction with face-to-face where needed.
• 1-1 keywork support for women in the community
• 1-1 pre-release support/planning for women in prison
• ‘Through the gate’ support for women on release from prison
• Individual therapy for women whose drug use has been stabilized to such as extent that they can participate safely

Get in touch with Amy, EMPOWER Practitioner

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07936961592 / 01273696970

Twitter: @Oasis_Project_

Adder Sex Worker Service (SWOP Adder)

SWOP Adder is a dedicated service for women in Hastings (18+) who use Opiates and/or Crack Cocaine and are sex working. We can offer:


• Outreach to your work place, home or a community venue

• 1:1 support on a short or long-term basis with a named worker

• Recovery support and access to drug treatment with CGL-Star

• Information and advice and advocacy on a range of issues (health, wellbeing, personal safety)

• Support and signposting to access Sexual Health

• Access to postal condoms and sexual health testing kits

• Support with third party reporting and reporting to the police

Get in touch with Amy, SWOP Adder Practitioner

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07936961592 / 01273696970

Twitter: @SWOP_Sussex